Conversion Unit of Measurement tab

Yamel SenihJuly 4, 2022
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In this window the conversions of the different units are registered. of measurement used by the company, in order to apply these conversions at the time of making a purchase / sale of a product. Each of the fields with the symbol (*) are mandatory for the record.

Select the "Conversion Unit of Measurement" tab, located on the left side of the "Product" window and proceed to fill in the the corresponding fields.

Unit of Measurement Conversion tab

Image 74. Measurement Unit Conversion tab

Select in the field "UM Destination", the unit of measure to which which conversion will be performed.

Destination UM Field

Image 75. Destination UM field

Enter in the field "Destination Factor to Base", the number of products contained in the selected unit of measure.

Base Target Factor Field

Image 76. Base Destination Factor field

Select the "Save Changes" icon on the toolbar by ADempiere.

Conversion Tab Save Changes Icon

Image 77. Save Changes Icon

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