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ADempiere ERP / CRM Advantage


ADempiere embraces open standards that allow:

  • System Standardization, stability and inteoperability
  • Full Data Visibility
  • Seamles Integration with third party systems
  • Independence from hardware and propietary OSS

Long Term Feasibility

Protects your business from technology obsolescence:

  • Complying with industry standards and using widely available tools that support these standards, for further development and customization.
  • Ensuring availability of a large base of supporting users and developers, with knowledge of the tools used.
  • Source Code is publicy available enables long-term development.
  • Highly scalable allows to meet natural as well as unpredicted market changes.
  • Not subject financial success or failure from a specific company or indivicual

Lower Cost or Ownership

  • Software license at no cost
  • Without upfront license costs or long term maintainance commitments
  • Reduced costs for development and support
  • Reduced fees from integrators and service providers

Open Source Advantage

Reducing dependence on a single service providers

  • Minimize the use of proprietary technology
  • Eliminates vendor lock avoiding payment on license fees and maintenance
  • Lowers entry and maintenances costs from Open Source integrators and ancillary service providers

Its self dependent

  • Encourages a flexible development process with a greater focus to specific business requirements.
  • Greater participation and collaboration between the service integrator and the end user
  • Technology independence
  • Increased responsiveness to address local needs as they are identified.
  • Gives End User requirements priority over supplier's.

Wide range of support options.

  • A Support business platform from many organizations worldwide.
  • Free support is available from a number of forums and community pages
  • Enjoy a support experience normally takes more relevance than with proprietary counterparts.

Technically Superior

OSS related products are more aligned to open standards that patented products allowing a greater degree of interoperability.

Integration with other software systems

Many organizations acquire a few software pieces to meet a specific requirement but later realize the difficulties they have to effectively share gathered and related information.

This ends up duplicating sensible data, with more effort involved and errors incurred. The same problem happens with open source, only to learn the later case the user already has the code available and can further investigate critical points of failure and figure out solution alternatives before it gets to a critical state.

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