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ADempiereJune 28, 2022
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ADempiere Brand

The name "ADempiere" is an Italian word related to "Compiere" (meaning "achieve or attain") which reflects the basic ideal of this community.

The administration and management of the ADempiere brand was delivered by our community to the ADEV foundation located in Germany and to which which any Adempiere Community Member can also be a part of.

About the Logo

The logo reflects the four key concepts behind our Community:

  1. Community: represented by the person inside the Crystal Sphere
  2. Open: as the Open Sky upon which this icon floats
  3. Future: Represents the Crystal Ball
  4. Achievement: Represented by the ascending direction in which the icon moves

In order to protect our brand usage and communication the community has developed a set of Brand Usage Rulesopen in new window. These rules describe how community members can use the brand.

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