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About the Association

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About the Association

Who is ADempiere Deutschland e.V.?

The ADempiere association (ADempiere Deutschland e.V.) represents the open-source software project "ADempiere" in germany. We understand ourselves as developing partner consisting of people who work with ADempiere.

Whats the aim of this association?

Our main goal in terms of this association is to help to further distribute the software in germany.

What we do to fulfill these goals:

  • Fostering the relationship and collaboration of users, developers and scientists
  • Development and further studies of free and open ERP software
  • Providing documentation and supporting media to accomplish free ERP software and to secure availability of all kinds of information around the software
  • Promoting the software on tradefares and congresses to gain to access to broad audience possibly interested in ADempiere
  • Organization of congresses and workshops in general with talks by users and developers
  • Protection of the free licensing of the software against commercially interested parties
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