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Adempiere outpaces Open Source ERP Compiere

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September 22, 2006

After just 3 weeks of community work, Adempiere surprised followers and outsiders by releasing its first deliverable today at the Project SourceForge website Adempiere SourceForge websiteopen in new window.

Adempiere was forked from the well-known Open Source ERP/CRM project called Compiere on September 1st, 2006, after a long but gradual deterioration of the relationship between Compiere Inc. and its Open Source community. The fork was sparked Forking Debate by rumours that Compiere would radically limit the functionality of its open source offering to better position its upcoming "Enterprise Compiere" a closed source solution.

"That was just the drop that filled the glass" according to Ramiro Vergara, Adempiere's Council Public Affairs Representative, "The community was eager to have a direction and move forward, after suffering neglect from Compiere Incorporated for the last 5 years. The product we are delivering today is a case in point, for years the only alternative to upgrade between Compiere versions was to purchase a support agreement from Compiere Inc or one of its partners, the community offered to develop a tool but this and the great majority of enhancements developed by the community, were never accepted by Compiere Inc."

The migration tool released today will allow to migrate from version 2.5.3a to current version 2.5.3b of Compiere's ERP running under Oracle database. "This is just a beta version, but in the best tradition of our Open Source Bazaar, we are Releasing Early and Releasing Often. So we expect this beta release to be tested and enhanced to add compatibility with other Compiere versions and Databases. This is very important for the project because we have defined 2.5.3b as the gateway into upcoming versions of Adempiere" added the open source project member.

Adempiereopen in new window comes from the Italian word meaning 'to fulfill' but with additional context of "to complete, reach, practice, perform the duties of, or free (discharge), and also to honor and respect", which was felt as very appropriate to what the Adempiere project aspires to achieve.

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