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Steps to Release

ADempiere...About 1 minCommunityWikiDeveloper's GuideReleasing New Versions

Archive for versions 3.3.0 through 3.5.2a Steps_To_Release_Archiveopen in new window

Archive for versions 3.4.2s through 3.6.0LTS Steps_To_Release_Archive2open in new window

To DoDone By
Release Version3.8.0LTSopen in new window
Target Date2013/10/14
Release Date2015/01/01
Prepare wiki release from svn log.Sample Release_320open in new windowDone Release 380LTSopen in new window
Change sources to point new versionbase/src/org/compiere/Adempiere.javalaunch/Adempiere.xmlserverRoot/src/web/adempiere.htmlserverRoot/src/web/adempiere.jnlputils/adempiereDirectTemplate.jnlputils_dev/build.properties7141, 7817, 8039
Create new postgres seedFresh build & installRUN_ImportAdempiereRUN_MigrationXMLRUN_ExportReferencejar the Adempiere_pg.dmp and Adempiere.log into Adempiere_pg.jarupload Adempiere_pg.jar seed into release/data/seedpending
Create the new oracle seedFresh build & installRUN_ImportAdempiereRUN_MigrationXMLRUN_ExportReferencejar the Adempiere.dmp and Adempiere.log into Adempiere.jarupload Adempiere.jar seed into release/data/seedNOTE: This could also be done using the migration tool to copy the postgres seed to oraclepending
Upload Reference databases to Source Forgepending
Change and compile new Launch4j8040
Generate complete model for new version (core and e-evolution) (be careful not to include customizations)To realize which package and where to put the generated classes execute the following querySELECT DISTINCT e.entitytype, COALESCE(e.modelpackage, 'org.compiere.model')FROM ad_entitytype e, ad_table tWHERE t.entitytype = e.entitytypeORDER BY 1pending
Rename current-release (i.e. 320-release) to current-next (i.e. 320-330)Done
Create directory next-release (i.e. 330-release)Done
HG Flow finish feature for the release branch and merge with development/masterpending
Apply tag to the release revision in the master branchpending
Create new release packagepending
Compile the new version to make installer (RUN_build)pending
Test an installation with the installerTest the installTest the webstoreTest the clientpending
Upload to sourceforge as current release (all, including MD5)pending
Edit english and spanish wikipedia pagesen wikipedia Adempierees wikipedia AdempiereComparison of accounting software (if LTS)pending
Edit other languages wikipedia pageRomânaDeutschFrançais???
Prepare a new AVARed1 (Howto Create AVA)
Prepare new windows installer
Update Live Demospending
Update Daily Build
Edit freshmeat (advise to Sempre)Currently administered by sempre
Press releasepending
Change wiki Template:LASTRELEASEopen in new window
Upload wiki manuals (for LTS versions)pending
Upload wiki screenshots (for LTS versions)
Update javadoc open in new window
Update schemaspyopen in new windowpending
(desirable) update db/ddlutils model and data following instructions from Migration/DDLUtilsopen in new window -f build-ddl.xml writeSchemaToFileant -f build-ddl.xml splitSchemaFileByTableant -f build-ddl.xml writeDataToFileant -f build-ddl.xml splitDataFileByTable(Needed with the migration tool?)

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