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Road Map

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A list of ideas and plans for future releases.

Big Dream Ideas

  • Common user interface approach for both client and web
  • Integrated regression testing framework
  • New Universal Interface based on HTML5 replacing SWING and ZK

Next Major Release

  • 4.0.0
  • 3.9.0

Release 3.9.0 Detailed Plans

  • Remove JBOSS and use Tomcat directly as the application server.
  • Upgrade to ZK 8
  • Component tracking and component life-cycle management

Next Minor Release


  • Attribute Set Instance improvements to allow text edit in fields and direct creation of serial numbers (approach needs discussion)
  • Tax Engine (Now it will support Indian Tax as well as any country Tax)
  • Window Customization
  • PackIn - PackOut Engine
    • Packaging of Rule Engine
    • Packaging of Report Access Level
    • Enabling of Pack-In in 380 for 370 Packout
  • Jasper Reports (Report formats required by the industries)
  • Do not allow to change the location & item Along with B-Partner name change after any transaction
  • Inventory Raise (If Lost found/for any reason need to increase inventory)



  • All hotfixes to date
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Warehouse Management System upgrade
  • Payment Selection as a document
  • Latest
  • Oldest
  • Hottest
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