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First Step for Developers

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If you want to enhance the ADempiere, you can start with configuring the Application Dictionary. You can start creating database tables and then based on the tables, you can easily create the screens, forms, windows and then transactions. You can attach these windows and transactions lately with workflows and menus. You can also use callouts and model validators for more control and logic.

If the Application Dictionary is not enough for your business need, you can build on top of Adempiere download the source code and build on top of it respecting its Working_Procedures.

Requirement for working with Application Dictionary

Working with Application Dictionary is rather easy. It can be done with the basic understanding of:

  • Basic understanding on Application Dictionary
  • Basic Knowledge on Relational Database (PostgreSQL or Oracle XE/10g/11g)
  • If you want to do Callouts and validators, you need to know Java and Scripting using the ADempiere scripting framework.

Requirement for Extending ADempiere

If you want to build on top of ADempiere framework, you need to have the following competencies:

Master your java

You need to have strong knowledge and experience in Java.

Work in Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA & GitHub

Eclipse and IntelliJ are Integrated Development Environments(IDE) which will help you to develop the code based on the Adempiere Framework. You can checkout the code from ADempiere code repository on GitHub. For more information see Create your ADempiere development environment.

Adhere to the coding policy

See Working Procedures for developers and citizens.

The struts framework

see ADempiere Rapid Development for details.

Learn SQL

To get a quick idea of sql and sql commands check the tutorials [1]open in new window and [2]open in new window to get more clear idea about it.You will find a test there which will provide you with run time environment. You will have to run sql commands to get the desired result which will make you familiar with the sql commands.

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