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Citizen Application Form

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The following form is to be filled out by citizens applicants and sent to the Community Council Team via cc at :

  • First Name:

  • Surname:

  • Street:

  • ZIP/City:

  • Country:

  • Email Address:

  • SF User:

  • Wiki User:

  • atlassian User:

  • Company:

  • Link to Post of your nominator:

  • Link to Post of your supporter #1:

  • Link to Post of your supporter #2:

I <YOUR NAME> would like to become an ADempiere citizen.

I commit myself to the goals of the ADempiere project. I will help to advance the project and not harm it in any way.

Furthermore I am aware that becoming a citizen implies a commitment to the spirit of the rules and bodies elected by the community and listed below in the PS. In particular, I am aware that an amicable, cooperative and sympathetic behavior is most important for having excellent relationships within citizens.

My contributions to the community have been the following (short list of contributions) and I will contribute in the future the following way (short explanation). <Your Contributions - short list>

<My planned future Contributions - short explanation>

The following Links I will follow and respect:

I am also aware that not acting in a proper way may lead to losing my citizenship.



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